Here’s another fundraising opportunity to help out our community…

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has partnered up with Gay Central Valley seeking members. In exchange for signing up as a member with the ACLU for the membership fee of $20, Gay Central Valley has offered to buy you dinner.

The ACLU is an amazing all inclusive civil rights group that works diligently for our rights.

I think their motto pretty much sums it up: “BECAUSE FREEDOM CAN’T PROTECT ITSELF”. But, you can find more information about their organization at

Also, the money raised will stay local to help fund events, activities, grants and scholarships through Gay Central Valley.

I’ll be hosting this dinner in Porterville at the amazing Thai Kitchen next to Galaxy Theater from 6:00-9:00PM on Tuesday, August 30th.

If you aren’t interested in joining there’s no pressure. I would still love to meet you and strongly encourage everyone to come and hang out regardless. Possibly meet some new friends? If anything just come for a free rainbow bracelet (courtesy of the Rainbow Delegation) and an HRC sticker.

Hope to see you there!