Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day that we will rally to show our city that WE’RE STILL HERE! We’re meeting at Centennial Plaza (296 N. Main Street, Porterville) at 6:00pm. Come out and join the fun!


This is an important event. June is recognized nationally as LGBTQ Pride Month, and we intend on celebrating that!


It’s also important to Porterville, as last year our city council voted to rescind our Pride Proclamation. Since the rescinding of the LGBTQ community’s Pride Proclamation, we’ve all felt somewhat deflated; we’ve all felt angry and let down by the public officials who are meant to represent all of their constituents. By rescinding the proclamation, they sent a message to our community that they would not be embracing us—our existence would not be acknowledged.


So tomorrow, we will come together to show them that we will be acknowledged, and we will be proud. Gather up your friends and family, make some signs that express your pride, and come join us!