EVENT: Protect Our Children- (Re)Creating Family Acceptance

LOCATION: The Bridge Restaurant, 178 N. Main St, Porterville

DATE: Friday, June 6

TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm


     Gay Porterville is beyond excited for our upcoming event “Protect Our Children: (Re)Creating Family Acceptance.” LGBTQ artists and activists Ronnie Veliz and Carolina Alcala will be bringing their project to Porterville THIS FRIDAY as part of their statewide tour. The two are based in Southern California, and will be spreading the spirits of acceptance, love, and pride with their exhibit. 


Veliz and Alcala describe their project:

     “The project features eighteen art pieces of Trans and Queer children through the lens of racial, gender, ethnic, religious, spiritual, and most importantly parental empowerment. All eighteen art pieces are based on real life childhood experiences by eighteen families.”



A sample of Carolina Alcala and Ronnie Veliz's project.


     Not only will this be an interesting event, but it will serve as a powerful reminder that first and foremost, acceptance is of the utmost importance to the queer and trans communities. In this sense, Porterville can definitely benefit from the messages that these art pieces will deliver. We hope to see you there!