I’d like to take a moment to thank the members of our quaint Porterville community and surrounding areas who came out last night for our first meeting of LGBTQQIA. I’ll be honest in saying I had been putting off my first gathering for Gay Porterville for fear no one would show up or have an interest. However, with the turn out and support I received last night I am overjoyed, elated, and even more motivated to help get out and get our community alive and thriving.

Last night close to 20 members of our community came together at the Starbucks on the corner of Main and Olive in downtown Porterville. We were welcomed with open arms by the shift leader and staff of Starbucks along with smiles and waves from onlookers. We discussed ideas to help strengthen our community and brainstormed ways we can help make that vision happen. Some of the ideas that came about were a LGBTQ sports teams such as volleyball and bowling. An LGBTQ reading book club, talks of a choir, even talks of ASSIST training through Suicide Prevention Task Force came about. Many wonderful ideas spawned from last night’s meeting.

I formed Porterville LGBTQQIA as a platform for our community to be heard and an opportunity for networking. I intend to make this an ongoing weekly meet up group.

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